New Construction & Remodels

Electrical installation for new builds and remodels involves designing and installing electrical systems that meet the specific needs of the structure and its occupants. This includes wiring, outlets, switches, lighting, and other electrical components. 

For new builds, electrical installation is typically done as part of the construction process, working alongside the other trades involved in building the structure. The electrical contractor will work with the building plans and blueprints to determine the most efficient and effective way to install the electrical system. 

For remodels, electrical installation may involve updating or upgrading the existing electrical system to meet current building codes and safety standards, as well as the needs of the remodel. This may include adding new electrical circuits, upgrading the electrical service panel, installing new outlets and switches, and replacing outdated wiring.

During the electrical installation process, the electrical contractor will ensure that all work is done in compliance with local building codes and safety regulations. They will also work closely with the other trades involved in the project to coordinate the installation and ensure that all components are installed properly and safely.

Overall, proper electrical installation is crucial for the safety and functionality of a structure, whether it is a new build or a remodel. It is important to work with a licensed and experienced electrical contractor to ensure that the electrical system is installed properly and meets all necessary standards and requirements.

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