Fireplace Cleaning

fireplace cleaning

Cleaning pilot, pilot assembly, thermal pile and thermal couple, clean burners, vacuum logs and underneath, clean glass inside and out. Start, set and adjust flame. Takes one hour to do.

Manufacturers recommendations is that your gas fireplace is serviced once a year. Remember, we also do installations of gas fireplaces along with the gas piping that’s needed.

If your gas fireplace doesn’t have a fan we can install a fan kit and makes it more efficient by moving the air away from fireplace.

Gas Fireplace Service

Routine gas fireplace maintenance is important to ensure that your gas fireplace is functioning safely and efficiently. Here are some tasks that should be included in your gas fireplace maintenance routine: Clean the Glass: The glass panel on the front of the gas fireplace should be cleaned regularly to remove dust and debris. Use a…

Gas Fireplace Repair

Gas fireplaces can sometimes experience issues that may affect their performance. Here are some common gas fireplace problems and troubleshooting tips to help you diagnose and fix the issue: Pilot light won’t stay lit: This could be due to a dirty or damaged thermocouple, a faulty gas valve, or a lack of gas flow. Check…

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